Plant Maintenance Mechanic

Services all plant equipment. Review lubrication reports and service records and under close supervision performs oil, lube and filter service on all assigned equipment as directed. Provides assistance in equipment inspections and identifies conditions (wear, alignment, function, etc.) and monitors performance as directed. Reports plant equipment conditions to appropriate personnel as required. Assists plant personnel with repair and maintenance.
Performs start-up and shutdown procedures and monitors feed and materials flow and crusher settings throughout assigned responsibility area, paying special attention to monitoring equipment and making adjustments as required to maximize production and to provide a quality product. Maintains switchhouse equipment and assists with plant inspections and in repair and maintenance of plant equipment as required. Welding and cutting torch skills are preferred.
Employee is expected to operate equipment unit with a high degree of
competence, skill and proficiency and shall:
General Responsibilities
Performs duties safely, responsibly and proficiently observing all safety and health rules.
Performs pre-shift and post-shift safety inspections and completes daily equipment reports.
Reports unsafe mechanical conditions to shop foreman and supervisor.
Maintains good housekeeping practices on equipment.
Follows established traffic patterns avoiding tire hazards and other hazardous conditions.

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